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Our history goes back two generations united by a shared passion: home design. In 1979, Carlos Manchón and Isabel Criado founded a brand specializing in home goods that quickly became a benchmark in the sector. What began as a small store blossomed into more than two hundred stores, marking the beginning of a family legacy in the world of design. Following in the footsteps of their parents, Clara and Maria, they decided to carry on the family legacy and explore new frontiers in home design. With a bold vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, they founded Calma House with a clear objective: to create affordable products that convey an authentic personality.


These values are always present in all aspects of the brand; product, communication, and continue to be present when the product reaches your hands.


Each article in the catalog has been made by selecting natural materials. Cotton, linen, jute and bamboo are some of the most common materials used in the Calma House collections.


The brand's catalog is designed in Barcelona, to enhance the lifestyle near the Mediterranean. Calma House has always been a standard bearer of this style becoming the base of the brand.


Our collections are designed with our customers' favorite decorative styles in mind. Each style has characteristics that make it unique, and will help build your home.


Our products are handcrafted, from design to production. For this reason, each item is unique and unrepeatable, and you will never find two alike.