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Puf de lana Damero-Calma House
Sit pillow of Cotton Gavema

Sit pillow of Cotton Gavema

39,90 € – 79,90 €
Sold out
Cojín de suelo de algodón crudo y yute Fiesta-Calma House

Floor cushion Fiesta Ecru

59,90 € – 109,90 €
Cojín de suelo de algodón mostaza Gavema-Calma House

Floor cushion Gavema Mustard

39,90 € – 79,90 €
Cojín de suelo de algodón rosa Gavema-Calma House

Floor cushion Gavema Pink

39,90 € – 79,90 €
Cojín de suelo de yute Ural-Calma House

Floor cushion Ural Natural

59,90 € – 99,90 €
Alfombra de algodón dhourrie mostaza Solrac-Calma House

Rug Solrac Mustard

23,90 € – 59,90 €
Alfombra de algodón negro y yute West-Calma House

Rug West Black

23,90 € – 219,90 €
Alfombra de algodón y tela terracota Tanneri-Calma House

Rug Tanneri Multicolor

29,90 € – 139,90 €
Alfombra de cáñamo tranzado naranja Dakar-Calma House

Rug Dakar Orange

29,90 € – 139,90 €
Alfombra estampado patchwork Carli-Calma House

Rug Carli Multicolor

17,90 € – 79,90 €
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Cushion cover Cova Ecru

Cushion cover Cova Ecru

19,90 € – 26,90 €
Funda de cojín de algodón con raya tejida multicolor Oran-Calma House

Cushion cover Oran Multicolor

14,90 € – 19,90 €

Calm House we have a textile collection designed to decorate terraces and create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere during the summer and winter. In addition to cushions and pufs, in this category you will find Plaids and blankets to have at hand at the exterior chill outs during winter and on the coolest summer nights.The curtains and carpets They also have a key role in the decoration of terraces and chill out. Exterior curtains can be used to create shaded areas and protect from excessive sun, while carpets add texture and softness to the ground, and help delimit and define space. If you are thinking of creating a reading or relaxation corner inside your home, this selection of articles is also made for you! Discover the entire range for decoration Interior and outdoor chill out zones.