Cookies policy

On this website third and own cookies are used to get you to have a better navigation experience, you can share content on social networks and so that we can obtain user statistics.

You can avoid discharge of cookies through the configuration of your browser, preventing cookies from storing in your device.

As owners of this website, it is reported that we do not use any personal information from cookies, we only carry out general statistics of visits that do not involve any personal information.

It is very important that you read the present policy of cookies and understand that, if you continue to sail, we will consider that you accept its use.

1. Responsible entity

The entity responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data, in the sense established by the Personal Data Protection Law is CALMA HOUSE S.L., with a registered office at Av. Conflent, 58 Badalona 08915.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are a data set that a server deposits in the user's browser to collect the standard internet registration information and visitors behavior information on a website. That is, these are small text files that are stored on the hard disk of the computer and that serve to identify the user when connecting to the website again. Its objective is to register the user's visit and save certain information. Its use is common and frequent on the web since it allows the pages to function more efficiently and achieve greater customization and analysis of user behavior.

3. Cookies affected by Excentas regulations and cookies

According to the EU directive, cookies that require informed consent by the user are analytical cookies and advertising and affiliation, being exempted from a technical nature and necessary for the operation of the website or the provision of services expressly demanded by the user.

4. Types of cookies

According to the entity that manages them, there are Own cookies (those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a equipment or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided) and of third parties (Those that are sent to the user's terminal team from a equipment or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that deals with the data obtained through cookies).

According to him time that remain active, there are those of session (designed to collect and store data while the user access a web page) and the persistent (in which the data is stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated for a period defined by the head of the cookie -it can go from a few minutes to several years -).

According to purpose For which they treat the information they collect, they can be:

  • Technical cookies (necessary for the use of the web and the provision of the service contracted),
  • Customization cookies (which allow the user to access the service with predefined characteristics, such as language, browser type, regional configuration, etc.)
  • Analysis cookies (Information collect the use of the web),
  • Advertising cookies (They collect information about the preferences and personal choices of users),
  • Affiliated cookies (They allow monitoring of visits from other websites, with which the website establishes an affiliation contract).

5. Cookies used on our website

The cookies used on our website are session and third parties, and allow us carried out to improve and provide our services in a more efficient and personalized way. Used cookies have, in any case, temporary character, with the sole purpose of making navigation more effective. In no case these cookies provide personal data for themselves and are not used for their collection.

The use of cookies offers advantages, such as:

  • It facilitates the user navigation and access to the different services offered by this website;
  • Avoid the user having to configure the general predefined characteristics every time he accesses the website; and
  • It favors the improvement of operation and the services provided through this website, after the corresponding analysis of the information obtained through the installed cookies.

When accessing our website, it is informed that if you continue to sail, various third -party cookies will be installed, thus consenting to the installation of certain cookies that will have the sole purpose of registering access to our website for the realization of anonymous statistics on the visits, Collecting information anonymously.

In various sections of our website, social media cookies can be installed, specifically the following:

  • Twitter cookie, as provided in its privacy policy and cookies use.
  • Facebook cookie, as provided in your cookies policy.
  • Instagram cookie, as provided on your page on the use of cookies.
  • Google+ and Google Maps cookie, as provided on your page on what type of cookies they use
Name Supplier Expiration Class Purpose
RC :: a Google com Persistent HTML local Storage This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the web in order to prepare valid reports on the use of its website.
RC :: b Google com Session HTML local Storage This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots.
RC :: c Google com Session HTML local Storage This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots.
Cookiecense 1 year Http cookiee It stores the user cookies consent for current domain.
Collect Session Pixel tracker It is used to send data to Google Analytics on the visitor's device and its behavior. It tracks the visitor through marketing devices and channels.
_Ga 2 years Http cookie It records a unique identification that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_Gat 1 day Http cookie Used by Google Analytics to control the request rate.
_Gid 1 day Http cookie It records a unique identification that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
__atuvc 13 months Http cookie Update the accountant of the social sharing functions of a website.
__atuvs 1 day Http cookie Ensures that the updated counter is shown to the user if a page is shared with the social sharing service, Addthis.
_at.cww Persistent HTML local Storage Used by the Platform for Share Social Content, Addthis

6. Revocation

At all times you can access the configuration of your browser accepting or rejecting all cookies, or selecting those whose installation admits and which not, following one of the following procedures, which depends on the browser you use:

  • Google Chrome: (In the tools menu): Configuration> Show advanced options> privacy (content configuration)> cookies.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: (In the tools menu): Internet options> Privacy> Advanced.
  • Firefox: Options> Privacy> Cookies.
  • Safari, iPad and iPhone: Preferences> Privacy.
  • Opera: Configuration> Options> Advanced> Cookies.

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so we cannot guarantee that they fully adjust to the version of their browser. It may also be that you use another browser not contemplated in these links such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To avoid these mismatches, you can access directly from your browser's options, usually in the "Options" menu in the "Privacy" section. (Please consult your browser for more information).

7. Deactivation/activation and elimination of cookies

To restrict or block cookies, it is done through browser configuration.

If you do not want the websites to put any cookie on your equipment, you can adapt the browser configuration so that it is notified before any cookie is placed. Similarly, you can adapt the configuration so that the browser rejects all cookies, or only third -party cookies. You can also eliminate any of the cookies that are already in the team. Keep in mind that you will have to adapt separately the configuration of each browser and equipment you use.

Keep in mind that if you do not want to receive cookies, we can no longer ensure that our website works properly. Some functions of the site may be lost and it may no longer see certain websites. In addition, rejecting cookies does not mean that I will not see advertisements. Simply the ads will not fit their interests and will be repeated more frequently.

Each browser has a different method to adapt the configuration. If necessary, see the navigator help function to establish the correct configuration.

To disable cookies on the mobile phone, see the device manual for more information.

You can get more information about Internet cookies, Here

Taking into account the way the Internet and websites operate, we do not always have information from the cookies that place third parties through our website. This applies especially to cases in which our website contains what are called integrated elements: texts, documents, images or short films that are stored elsewhere, but are shown on our website or through it.

Therefore, in case you meet this type of cookies on this website and are not listed in the previous list, we beg you to communicate it. Or contact the third to ask for information about the cookies that it places, the purpose and duration of the cookie, and how it has guaranteed its privacy.