Sit pillow stone color Gavema

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120x60x13 cm.
60x60x13 cm.

Immerse yourself in the experience of relaxed elegance with our Sit pillow Gavema cotton stone color, where every thread tells a story of comfort and sustainability. The softness of high quality cotton becomes a cozy embrace, inviting you to rest and relax. This cushion, more than just an accessory, is a work of textile art. The meticulous capitonné finish adds a tactile dimension, creating a surface that is not only comfortable, but also visually appealing. The bedspreaded border adds a touch of sophistication. The conscious choice to use recycled cotton as the filler not only ensures unparalleled comfort, but is also a commitment to sustainability. Available in twin and single sizes, the Sit pillow Gavema adapts to your needs.

Composition and care

100% cotton outside. 100% cotton inside

Dry washing. Do not iron. Do not use dryer. Do not use bleach.

Colour: stone color
Material: cotton