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Almohada blanca Visco-Calma House

Pillow Visco white

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45x70 cm.
45x90 cm.
The Visco pillow is a high-quality product designed to provide restful sleep. With its high-quality pillow filling, this pillow offers a comfortable and pleasant sleeping experience. Additionally, its lightweight and consistent design perfectly adapts to your head and neck, providing adequate support throughout the night. One of the advantages of the Visco Pillow is its washability, which makes maintenance easy and ensures optimal hygiene. It also has anti-dust mite properties, providing a healthier environment for your rest. It is also breathable, helping to regulate temperature and maintain a feeling of freshness throughout the night. The Visco Pillow is designed to last, thanks to its durable construction. You can enjoy its comfort for a long time. Immerse yourself in the comfort of the Visco Pillow and enjoy rejuvenating rest. Its quality filling, washability, anti-dust mite properties, and breathable design provide the tranquility and comfort you need for restful sleep.
Composition and care

100% viscoelastic inside. 100% microfiber outside.

Wash in cold water. Do not iron. Do not use dryer. Do not use bleach.

Colour: white
Material: viscoelastic
Measures: 45x70