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Alfombra estampada azul Aksun-Calma House
Alfombra estampada azul Aksun-Calma House

Rug Aksun blue

99,90 € 59,90 €

Measure: 150x200 cm.

150x200 cm.

The blue printed Aksun rug is an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With its ethnic style design, this washable and weather-resistant rug is perfect for porches, terraces, gardens, and high-traffic areas. Available in different sizes, the Aksun rug fits well in various rooms. Its versatility makes it suitable for placing at the foot of the bed, in single rooms or small entryways, as well as in master bedrooms or living rooms. What sets the Aksun rug apart is its high-quality design and finish, which distinguishes it from plastic or vinyl options. This rug becomes the focal point of any space, both inside and outside the house.

Composition and care

100% polyester

Wash in cold water. Do not iron. Do not use dryer. Do not use bleach.

Colour: dark blue
Material: polyester
Measures: 60x90