The art of tie dyeing is a handcrafted technique where unique patterns are created by applying knots and saturating the fabric with vibrant dyes.

In order to achieve the desired shade, a collection of samples is prepared with numerous color tests. Each piece becomes a blank canvas, ready to receive colors with different intensity, depending on how the mixture has been prepared. The choice of shade and intensity of each color is crucial to achieve the desired effect.

The ideal material for tie dye is cotton, due to its ability to absorb and retain colors. The natural fiber of cotton becomes the perfect base to absorb the dye, creating long-lasting and vibrant results. Strategically placed knots define the patterns and designs that make each piece unique.

In this autumn/winter collection, some items have been designed following this dyeing technique.

This technique allows a wide range of creative possibilities, turning each piece into a unique work of art, a tribute to the beauty of the handmade.