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Jute and ecru cotton West rug

29,90 € – 268,90 €

Turquoise dhurrie Rug Salermo

23,90 € – 59,90 €

Rug Arena natural

29,90 € – 139,90 €
Coming soon

Round rug Ural natural

54,90 € – 175,90 €

Rug Ural natural

29,90 € – 274,90 €

Half moon rug Sevilla natural

29,90 € – 89,90 €
Coming soon

Rug Cando multicolor

24,90 € – 129,90 €

Anti-slip rug Fix

3,90 € – 47,80 €
You will find a wide variety of rugs ranging from decorative rugs for your bedroom and living room, to doormats for the entrance of your home. Whatever your needs, our rugs will help you transform spaces and welcome your guests. Our rugs are designed to be much more than just accessories; they are pieces of art that bring warmth, texture and character to your home. From soft, fluffy rugs that will embrace you in your moments of relaxation to rugs with vibrant patterns and colors that will become the focal point in your living room or bedroom, our collection spans a wide range of styles and materials. Browse our catalog of rugs to find the one that best suits your style, space and preferences.